CIP Building of Mashad Airport

Starting and Finishing an enjoyable Journey

Services & Facilities

Transporting Services

Passenger pick up and dorp off service from the CIP airport lounge to their residence and vice versa.

Visa Services

Service for obtaning a required airport entry visa with prior coordination by the concerned authorities

Meeters and greeters

Hospitality service provided for meeters and greeters for passengers drop off in lounge before and after take off

Flight Services

Services such as booking seats and getting aboarding pass in ashort period of time and with precision


Benefit from free wireless high speed intrenet access in the lounge

open buffet

Passenger greeting and enjoying the open buffet in lounge

Special services

To make use of special services available such as wheelchairs for the elderly and people with special needs

CIP lounge

Special Services

  • Finalizing passport procedures

    Upon passenger arrival from the airplane to the lounge, their passport is colleeted by the passport officer then they will be officialy considered in the country …

  • Customs

    After entring the terminal , passengers are required to give the luggage tags to the lounge employee in order to bring the luggages, usually the procedure might require inspection of luggages and paying any custom fees if required. Please note that the entire process for luggage collection is completed under the supervision of the lounge employee …

  • Departure Services

    After passenger arrival to the lounge and to the reception counter, the passenger needs to handover the ticket, luggage , passport and other needed documents to the employee. Then, the employee will give the passenger his boarding pass, luggage tag and return his passport within the shortest possible delay …

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